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The L'Angolo Estate Team

Chase Renton - Owner + Winemaker

Chase Renton Owner + Winemaker

Chase is the man! He’s our owner, our winemaker and the catalyst behind all things L’Angolo Estate. It’s with his drive & passion to make world class wine from our beautiful 20 acres in the Dundee Hills that has set the tone for the rest of our team & brand. The future is bright with Chase at the helm!

“I have always loved wine. The passion, the history, and how every vintage is tied to specific moments in time. Being able to take my passion for traveling, winemaking and bringing it all to life with L’Angolo Estate is a dream come true. Our 20 acres in the Dundee Hills, the soil, the vines, the Tasting Room, our team and their commitment to hospitality makes this place very special to me. I couldn’t be prouder of what L’Angolo has become and am excited to see how it continues to grow.”


Hollings & Lou Renton - Proprietors

Hollings & Lou Renton Proprietors

After meeting each other on a street corner in San Francisco in 1976, Hollings and Lou spent the next thirty years raising a family in the Bay Area. He held several executive positions in the biotechnology industry, helping develop and deliver three new cancer drugs to market. She built the family’s unmistakable center of gravity, with care and passion at the core. L’Angolo Estate expresses their love of family, hospitality, and natural beauty.


Noah Bales - Tasting Room & Wine Club Manager

Noah Bales Tasting Room & Wine Club Manager

Noah, our Tasting Room & Wine Club Manager, has been part of the Willamette Valley wine industry for 6+ years now. Born and raised in the South Puget Sound, Noah moved to Portland in 2018 and started cutting his teeth in tasting rooms 40 hours a week, learning by fire. On his off days, he's most likely watching the Mariners, or cheffing up something special for his friends and family.

“I’m excited to be part of a brand that I think is really doing something different in the Willamette Valley. From the vibe, the architecture, to the business model— L’Angolo is a refreshingly unique take on what can happen in Pacific Northwest wine country. The overall feel is understated-upscale and that's a real fun environment to be immersed in”

I'm sure you've met Noah already, but if you haven't, you’ll see him around the Tasting Room!